I think this book is great! Hurry up and get it published, because there are a lot of people I know who I think should read it -- and they don't even have cancer. I think the things in this book can be applied to so many people's lives, to help them get through the many barriers that just about everyone has!

~ Joyce Kaiser

I never thought I would finish a book about cancer feeling positive and uplifted. After finishing it, I was reminded of the similarity of the author's approach and Aikido where one uses one's adversary's energy to defeat them. The book is filled with a number of excellent tools. I think the book deserves a wider audience than just those who are currently experiencing cancer.

~ Ernest Pierce

Dr. Morley's powerful workshop assisted me in transforming my cancer experience from that of fear and desperation to one of enlightenment and self-awareness. Her healthy perspective is contagious and I now bless my dis-ease, have released it, and all lingering fears have been replaced with peace and thanksgiving. Thank you, Dr. Morley, for sharing your experience with us and guiding us through the steps of inner wellness.

~ Becky Monteith

From Cancer to Power is an easy-to-read resource for those facing this challenge/opportunity. It companions with hope, compassion, and meditations that serve the soul and the body.

~ Cindy Cleveland

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